Sydney Lea

“I claimed you. I own you. I’m your Alpha, not him. Do you understand that?”

Mate HuntMate Hunt

By: Sydney Lea

When Eva finally returned home she had three goals. Find a place of her own, get settled into her new job…and avoid Jackson Hollinger at all costs. Little did she know that the man in question had very different plans for her.

When a rogue wolf kidnaps the alpha’s new mate and sends a human hunting party in Eva’s direction on the eve of her first shift, it’s up to Jackson to make sure he finds her first. Will Jackson get there in time?

It’s Halloween, and it’s time for a mate hunt.



His large, firm hands wrapped around her arms and he dragged her to him. His breath came in quick, shallow pants as he reigned in his obvious desire. The man was barely in control and the wild side of Eva relished that it had been her actions that had caused this.

She had unravelled the alpha.

“I claimed you. I own you. I’m your Alpha, not him. Do you understand that?” He growled, eyes glowing molten red.

Eva shuddered with the intensity of his stare, his grip around her tight. She lowered her eyes in submission to her alpha. God, how this man could own her. How she wanted him to. She just needed to remind him that it went both ways.

“I know who I belong to, Jack,” she whispered, her voice low and breathless. Eva flicked her gaze back up to his, she fluttered her lashes, a coy smile on her lips. “Do you?”

Instead of rising to the challenge, Jackson smirked, closing the distance between them until there was only a hair’s breadth. His lips moved against her as he spoke. “Why don’t you remind me, sweetheart?”

Sydney Lea is a married mother of two and an avid reader who enjoys falling in love with one book boyfriend after another. After years of dreaming up Mr Perfect, she has finally put pen to paper and created him herself. Whether your ideal man is a shifter, vampire, cowboy or alien, she has something for everyone.
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