Melissa Bell

The images raced through his brain of hot summer nights and cold winters evenings in front of a fire – buried deep inside his mate with her claws raking down his back as she came apart at the seams beneath him.

The Valley of ShadowsMelissa Bell Cover

By: Melissa Bell


Steeped in centuries of tradition and in accordance with the Laws of Lupine. When the daughter of an Alpha comes of age, she stands before her pack as the prized female. Held in the Valley of Shadows, on All Hallows Eve is a twisted game of survival. Only the eldest unmated son of the Alpha’s may compete for if they fail it means they are dead. It is part of an ancient ceremony one that will bring packs together from far and wide. It’s an honor to be chosen to run the gauntlet, and a disgrace not to accept.





He watched as Draven left the cave without looking back, identifying the man’s loss by the way the Grand Alpha carried his shoulders. He wore them in a heavily slouched fashion that exuded defeat and failure. On another day he may have found it within himself to feel sorry for the male but today his only concern was for his mate, Rainah. Turning to her now, his heart almost broke at the way her body wracked with silent shellacking. His arms circled her from behind and he whispered gently in her ear, “Shhh, I’ve you.” His blooded thumbs finding the cuffs around her wrists to unlock them by smearing her father’s blood on them. The rattle of the chains as they broke open and clattered to the floor was almost painful to his sensitive ears.

When Rainah was no longer leashed she snarled and wriggled in his embrace but he wasn’t ready to let her go. Spinning her in his arms he caged her body, wedging her back against the stone wall. Flattening his palms on the rocky surface either side of her head, he leaned in closely and sniffed at her neck. Running his nose up along the column of her throat he nipped at her jawline before suckling on her earlobe. His body warming, hardening, aching for what it knew belonged to him and him alone to the point of delirious pain. His heart beating profusely inside his chest, sensing the rise of Rainah’s inner wolf.

Rainah plastered her hands on the male’s naked chest and gave a warning snarl as she attempted to shove him back. He was too close, too male and too everywhere and too everything. She couldn’t think when he was close enough to share oxygen. He smelt too wild, looked too hot and damn it to hell her body wanted him too much. Her inner wolf instantly recognised him as her true mate when she surfaced from the spell of the chains.

Boon felt Rainah’s nails dig into the skin on his chest and it made him harder than hell. The images racing through his brain of hot summer nights and cold winters evenings in front of a fire, buried deep inside his mate and her claws raking down his back as she came apart at the seams under him. Fuck he’d never wanted a female like he wanted Rainah, and something told him that if she allowed him to claim her he’d always want her with a fierceness he wasn’t sure either one of them could handle.



I’m an avid reader who discovered I have a knack for writing. Wish I’d done it years ago but better late than never. I find writing therapeutic and very satisfying. I do wish there were more hours in the day to get all the ideas out of my head and onto paper. But sadly, I am only human so I will have to settle for the standard 24 hours in a day. When I’m not writing I am designing new covers for up and coming projects or sneaking in the time to read one of my long list of TBR books.

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