KD Jones

Now that Luke had gotten a taste of her, he was hungry for more. 

 Once Upon A Hallows Eve

By: KD Jones


Halloween is the busiest time of year for Rita Russell and her little shop. Then Luke Conrad shows up and thwarts her happiness. She’s refuses to let him ruin everything she worked for.   

Luke Conrad is the alpha of the local werewolf pack and has to track a murderer while keeping their secret safe from the humans. Standing in his way is a curvy spitfire shop owner who his wolf wants to claim, and she happens to be his number one suspect.   

Nothing will ever be the same for these two when the pack runs . . . once upon a Hallow’s Eve.

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“I like your parents and your sister, they’re very friendly.”
“As opposed to me, who was a complete ass yesterday.”
She laughed she couldn’t help it. “You definitely were an ass.”
“So—that apology dinner, is that a no? I promise to not be an ass through the whole thing.”
He gave her a smile that displayed a dimple. Damn it! That was just unfair.
“I didn’t mean to insult you, but I have to admit, you’re damn sexy when you get mad.” He moved closer to her and put his hands back on her hips. She should slap him or pull away, but she didn’t want to.
He was just so sexy, and she couldn’t deny there was major chemistry going on between them. It was something that she and Mindy had argued over when they left the furniture store. Mindy swore that Luke was attracted to her, but Rita had refused to believe that.
Now, she felt that sexual tension. She wanted him and it sounded like he wanted her, and it made her feel nervous and excited all at the same time.
Was he going to kiss her? This was so crazy. Just yesterday she would swear that he hated her guts, and now he was putting the moves on her. Was this really going to happen? Could she let her guard down with him?
“You think I’m sexy?” she whispered back at him.
He leaned down, his lips was just inches from hers. “Hell yeah.”



KD Jones has published over 40 books. She has been a huge fan of both romance novels and science fiction novels since she was 16 years old. Her favorite television shows growing up were Star Trek and Doctor Who. When not writing, she can usually be found curled up on the couch with a good book, working on her hobby of photography, or spending time with her family. As a single working Mom she wants to show her son that a person can follow their dreams no matter how old they are and where they are in life. Dreams can come true if you work hard and believe in yourself.


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