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 This was the rough, coarse, wild man with a lion inside, and I loved it when he took me like this. I knew he’d make love to me later, and I’d enjoy, that, too.


Hallowed Destiny

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Forged By Darkness

By: Candace Blevins


A year ago, Destiny was abducted by sick demon worshipers who intended to use her as a human sacrifice. They’d already carved evil-looking symbols all over her body when she somehow managed to escape.  

Tonight is Halloween — the one-year anniversary of her abduction — and she’s determined to return to the woods where she nearly lost her life. She doesn’t expect to see a white lion waiting for her. Aren’t black cats supposed to be bad luck? Perhaps a white lion will be the opposite of evil. Or, maybe she’s finally lost her mind, because lions are not indigenous to Georgia.  

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“You once told me you’re a criminal attorney? Do you defend the bad guys?”

He smiled. “I can smell a lie. When I decide whether to take a case or not, I know if they’re guilty. Sometimes I take their case even if they’re guilty, but I base it on my own personal morals. If it was a mostly victimless crime, I’ll do my best to get them off. If they killed someone’s kid and deserve prison, or worse? No way will I take the case.”

I took a breath and asked what I most wanted to know. “You said you wanted me in your bed?”

His eyes softened and he gave me a sad smile as he cupped my face in his huge hands. “I do, but even more, I want to be sure you’re okay. It was years after I was raped before I could be intimate with anyone, and I was the one doing the fu…” He stopped himself and said it a different way. “I wasn’t the one being entered, and I still couldn’t be intimate. You weren’t raped, but you were violated. How have you handled intimacy with other men?”

My eyes filled with tears, and he pulled me onto his lap and tucked my head against his chest as his arms surrounded me. I’d always known I was safe in his arms, and now I was even more certain of it.

When I could trust my voice, I told him, “You’re the only person who’s been able to hold me like this without me freaking out a little.”

“If you see me as safe, no way can I do anything to risk that.”

“I tried to have sex. The guy was an asshole, but he was nice to me once I let him know I was interested in him, and he kissed good, and I figured I just needed to get rid of my virginity so no one else would try to sacrifice me.” I took a breath to finish the story, but my tears came and I couldn’t speak. Zeke didn’t tell me not to cry, he didn’t assure me everything was okay, he just held me as I sobbed in his arms.

Several minutes passed before I had enough control of my voice to continue. “I managed to keep from freaking out until he took my underwear off, and then I lost it. I remember feeling so vulnerable, and exposed, and helpless, and it all came back. My parents tried to marry me off at first, saying I needed a husband to properly care for me, but we had a few huge fights about it and they finally agreed to let me go to a college of my choosing if I could figure out a way to pay for it myself.”



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Candace Blevins lives with her husband of 18 years and their two daughters. When not working or driving kids all over the place she can be found reading, writing, meditating, or swimming.

Candace writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary BDSM Romance, and a kick-ass Motorcycle Club series.

Her urban fantasy series, Only Human, gives us a world where weredragons, werewolves, werelions, three different species of vampires, as well as a variety of other mythological beings exist.

Candace’s two paranormal romance series, The Chattanooga Supernaturals and The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, are both sister series to the Only Human series, and give some secondary characters their happily ever after.

Her Safeword Series gives us characters who happen to have some extreme kinks. Relationships can be difficult enough without throwing power exchange into the mix, and her books show characters who care enough about each other to fight to make the relationship work. Each book in the Safeword series highlights a couple with a different take on the lifestyle.

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