Bethany Shaw

Jace is thrilled to find his fated mate. There’s just one problem, she’s a ghost.

The Wolf’s Ghost

By: Bethany Shaw


The Wolf's GhostJace has spent his long, werewolf life searching for his true mate. He never expected to run into her while on the run from a malicious pack. Now all he has to do is keep her safe, evade the bloodthirsty wolves, and convince her that they are fated mates.
Trapped inside her home for decades, Eva is determined to set herself free of her prison this All Hallows Eve. That is, until a wolf crashes into her library through the window. Eva feels compelled to help the handsome stranger, especially when she learns they share a common enemy, but will helping him cost her the one time a year she has to break the spell?
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Jace’s eyes scanned over Eva. She didn’t look dead. In fact, she looked very much alive. He wanted to reach out and touch her, to trail his fingers down her bare arm. Would she be warm? He hoped so. The woman before him was breathtaking. His wolf stirred inside him. Mine.

It was no accident that he’d felt compelled to enter this house. Eva was his mate. His wolf growled again, acknowledging that his thought process was correct. He grinned and swept his gaze over her once more.

Her full, pale pink lips begged to be kissed, and her azure eyes bore into his. The long white gown she had on hugged her curves wonderfully but flowed out at the waist, hiding what he was sure were shapely legs. Then her words sunk in. Murdered.

“What do you mean you were murdered?” He’d met witches and vampires – but ghosts? Sure he’d heard of them, but he never really thought they were real. If she was telling the truth, and he had no reason to doubt her, then how could she be his fated mate?

She shrugged. “I was murdered Halloween night.”

“In 1921?” he asked. He went to stand but then realized his naked state and settled back on the bed, holding the blankets over his hips.

“What year is it?” she asked quietly.


“2016,” she said as she tipped her head to the side. Her eyes glazed over, staring at a spot over his shoulder. “I didn’t realize it’d been so long.”

Jace did the math in his head. Ninety-five years. Had she been alone, in this house, all this time? He needed to learn more about her. There was something amiss. His mate couldn’t be dead. It didn’t make any sense.

Mine, his wolf repeated in his head. Claim her.

Even looking at her the intense need to touch her, get to know her, and protect her nearly overwhelmed him.

“I believe there are some clothes in a bedroom down the hall. They might be a bit short for you, but they should suffice,” Eva said, breaking the silence. Her eyes swept down to the blanket as her cheeks darkened. She swallowed and turned away, heading for the door.

He gathered the blankets and stood. This conversation would go better clothed. “How did you get me all the way up here?” he asked, curious. He waddled while trying to keep from tripping over the long blankets.

“Levitation. I floated you through the house and onto the bed.”

“You still have your magic?” he asked, watching the sway of her long dress as she sashayed down the hall.

“Yes and no. My magic is limited in my ghostly state, but tonight is the anniversary of my death and also All Hallows Eve. Magic tonight is heightened for all witches. My power is at its fullest tonight, at least until midnight. The rest of the year I can do simple parlor tricks. But I am able to stay corporeal for several hours each day regardless. It took me a long time to figure out how to do that.” She stopped at a room and motioned for him to go in first. “All the clothes are in the dresser. They may be a bit drab and outdated, but it’s all I have.”




1072113_1393495237534536_1179374103_oBethany Shaw lives in Ohio with her husband and two kids. Writing has always been her passion and she loves sharing her stories with readers. 
 When she isn’t writing, she is spending time with her family enjoying bike rides, bowling, and board games.

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