A wolf dead set on wooing his mate… @AuthorSydneyLea #ExclusiveExcerpt from #ShiftersHallowsEve

There’s nothing like a wolf on the hunt for his mate! Check out this sneak peek of Sydney Lea’s, Mate Hunt from #ShiftersHallowsEve


Jackson trailed his gaze after Eva’s retreating car, a primal sound slipping free as his wolf howled deep inside. He hadn’t wanted to let her go, had struggled to keep his hands to himself. Only the threat of a rogue wolf on his territory had allowed him a moderate level of control.

He tilted his head and sniffed the area, trying to pick up a scent. Pulling out his phone, he dialed his beta’s number.

“What’s up, boss?” Cassidy answered after the first ring; her tone was the usual mixture of amusement and deference that she used when addressing him.

As her boss at the Sheriff’s Department and her Alpha, Cassidy was used to showing him a certain amount of respect, but it was curved by the fact that Cassidy’s older brother Sam had been best friends with Jackson since they were ten.

“Hey. I’ve picked up a scent that I don’t recognize out near Oaks Bridge,” he explained, getting straight to the point. “I need you to round up a group of trackers from the pack and search the surrounding lands for me tonight.”

“Sure thing,” she replied immediately, the threat of an unknown intruder on their lands turning her serious. “You joining us?”

“No. Not tonight,” he hedged, knowing he was just asking for it when he revealed the truth. “I, ah, I have a date.”

The sound of something crashing had him pulling his phone away from his ear and glaring at the device. Bringing it back to his ear, he rolled his eyes as Cassidy’s cackling echoed through.

“Oh, my god. Oh, jeez. You move fast, stud, I’m telli—”

“You do remember I’m your Alpha, right?” he snapped with very little heat. Cassidy was like a sister to him, but damn, she could annoy the hell out of him. When her laughing only increased, he growled. “At the very least I’m your boss. You know I could fire you.”

“Sure you could, but you wouldn’t,” she said, clearly trying to get herself under control. “All right, all right. I’ve had my fun. For now.”

“Cass,” he warned. “Rogue wolf on our lands. Pay attention.”

Cassidy sighed. “Got it, yeesh. I’ll send out a few of the underlings and see what they come up with.”

“Not Ramirez or Collinford.”

“Why the hell would I send humans? Particularly ones that aren’t part of the pack.”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jackson grunted. “I stopped trying to work out why you do the things you do a long time ago, Cass. Just set it up and I’ll check in if I don’t hear from you soon.”

“Or you could just wait until you’re in tomorrow,” she drawled. “You know, when you’re on duty and not focusing on wooing your mate.”

“One, I’m the Alpha. So in these matters, I’m always on duty. And second, wooing…really?”

“Yeah, wooing…it’s a thing we women tend to like.” She snorted. “No wonder you don’t get laid much.”

Grinding his teeth, Jackson breathed deep, trying not to react. The worst thing one could do when faced with Cassidy’s baiting was actually rise to it. “Check in tonight.”

Not giving her a chance to respond, Jackson hung up and made his way to his car. Opening the driver’s door, he took one more look around, brows furrowing at the slightly familiar tone to the scent he had picked up. He couldn’t place it, but an uneasy feeling settled over him.

His mate was finally home and within his grasp, and now he had some rogue that seemed to be following her. When it rains, it pours.

“One thing at a time,” he muttered to himself, slipping behind the wheel.

He had a date to get ready for.


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