Do you believe in ghosts? Read an #Excerpt from @LoriKingBooks Haunted by Love #ShiftersHallowsEve

Believe in the magic of fated soul-mates with an excerpt from Lori King’s, Haunted by Love, part of the #ShiftersHallowsEve collection by Romance Rebels Publishing!

Her eyes popped open and peered up into his, making his mouth go dry. She had the most beautiful deep set blue eyes. They reminded him of the lake that used to form the Northern edge of his land. It had waters so deep that any item lost there would never be found again, and Gideon had a feeling his soul had been just as lost in her eyes in that moment.

“You’re certainly committed to playing this part through, aren’t you?”


“Have you ever been hospitalized? Perhaps treated with anti-psychotics? It’s a common thing these days, you have no reason to be embarrassed.” She let him help her to a seated position, but once upright she swayed and her eyes slammed shut again. “Damn, that hurts.”

“I have never been hospitalized, my lady, nor have I been treated with anti-whatever you mentioned. I’ve certainly made a few missteps in my lifetime that I’ve reason to be embarrassed by, but none so recently. All I want is to make sure you’re safe from harm.”

“You’re doing a rip roaring job of it Captain America.”

Her words left him speechless, and he stared at her in confusion. Perhaps the fall had addled her brain? He knew that head injuries could impact a person’s faculties, but he truly didn’t know how much. A glance around at their surroundings was all the reminder he needed of how precarious their situation was.

Gideon hadn’t been able to leave his home since the fateful night he lost his humanity to greed. If Eden needed assistance he couldn’t help her. The warmth of her in his arms drew his attention, and he glanced down to see her snuggling her face against his chest.

“You smell really freaking good. What is that cologne?” she mumbled, her hands gripping his biceps just tight enough that his body reacted to her as a man would a woman.

“Eden, you’ve been hurt. We should see to your injuries, and then we can discuss—”

“I bruised my ass, and knocked my head, that’s all. I’ll be fine.” She rubbed her nose against his throat, and he inhaled sharply, “I just can’t seem to get enough of that smell. It’s making me…” her words broke off with a moan that lit fires throughout him.

His voice was tight and husky when he spoke again, “It’s making you what? Tell me, my darling Eden. What is it doing to you being in my arms? Because I can tell you it’s driving me mad just holding you.”

Her lips grazed his Adam’s apple, and he could barely breathe. After more than a century of no real physical sensation, this was almost too much.

“Gideon, I feel strange.” She whispered the words as she shifted in his arms, rolling closer into his body, and pressing her breasts against his chest. “The need inside me is crazy. It’s like I’ve been drugged or something. I just can’t think straight.”

He was shocked when her mouth captured his, but he didn’t hesitate to take control of the kiss. If Eden needed something from him, he was going to ensure she got it.

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