This Dragon is determined to claim his love… #Exclusive from @JuliaMills623 #ShiftersHallowsEve

The incredibly talented Julia Mills, has brought dragons to life in this #Exclusive #Excerpt from, Tears for her Dragon, part of the #ShiftersHallowsEve Anthology



Once again lost to the raw power of his feelings for his banshee, unable to resist her a moment longer, the black dragon slammed his mouth to hers. It was a kiss of raw passion and absolute possession, full of teeth and tongue and need. He couldn’t get enough of her. Her scent, her skin, her erotic curves begging to be worshiped, all called to him on an elemental level. His dragon roared, pushing, needing, wanting all the fire and passion they both knew only Caitlin could give them.

The primal need to mark her, sink his teeth into her tender flesh, taste of her life’s essence, rose like a like a raging tidal wave within him. It was the old way, the way of the Dragon Kings, to ensure there was no doubt who she belonged to, whose heart and soul she held in the palm of her hand…and more importantly, who would fight to the death to keep her by his side.

Finally, Caitlin stopped resisting, stopped trying to push him away and gave as good as she got. Her hands caressed his heated skin, leaving sparks in their wake, as she too sought to mark him in her own special way. The feel her fingers threatened his sanity as the overload of sensations shot through his system. The more she tried to possess him, the more he relented to being possessed. Nipping and sucking his way across her jaw and down her neck, Kyran became drunk from the sheer pleasure of his mate, their hunger so intense he was transported to another time and place. Completely forgotten was the fact that they were standing in the middle of a cave, the only place he had to call home for the time being. Nothing mattered but the woman in his arms and the way she made him feel. Needing his mate more than his next breath, Kyran once again lifted Caitlin’s feet from the ground but this time carried her across the grotto careful not to disturb their kiss.

Regretfully pulling his lips from hers, smiling as she moaned at the loss, he gently laid her down on his pallet, quickly lying beside her and taking her hands into his. Kissing the tips of her fingers, he explained, “Caitlin, mo ghra’, Ah didnae turn awa’ froom ye because Ah dinnae wantae be wi’ ye or hae feelin`s fur ye ‘n’ definitely nae because yer beatiful blue eyes daenae see.” He paused, took a deep breath and without waiting for her to respond continued. “Ah stopped becasue A’m waantin’ oor first time th’gither, yer first time ever wi’ a man, tae be special… tae be perfect. Nae tae be on a nicked sleeping bag on th’ floor o’ a cave.”

Her tiny fingers touched his lips as she whispered, “Shhh, you silly old dragon. Don’t you know how special you are…how special we are together? You see, because of the blessings of our heritage and the Universe and even Fate nothing can be taken for granted. Everything is as it should be and happens for a reason. Just like us, here…now, our one single moment in time…our brief interlude in the middle of all the chaos when we can either catch fire and burn bright or walk away and pray we don’t fizzle out. The sad thing is, if we decide to wait or let other things get in the way and miss our moment, we run the risk of it being gone forever…with no guarantee to return.”

Outlining his lips with the tips of her fingers, Caitlin added, “This is our time, Kyran, and no matter if we are in a castle or cave, it is you I want to be with, you I know I am meant to love and you I know I will spend my eternity with.” Her fingers traced his jawline as she smiled so sweetly it made his heart hurt and added, “Please love me and let me love you, mo ghra’.”

Afraid to move, afraid to breathe, sure whatever he could do or say would somehow diminish the absolute perfection of the moment, Kyran laid perfectly still as Caitlin touched and memorized every blessed inch of his face. His pride soared as he realized that through their bond, his banshee could and was using his eyes to see. It was hard not to chuckle when her thoughts betrayed her and he now knew that she was using her old method of touch to see if her vision of him matched his own.

The longer she touched him, the more vivid the picture she had of him became in her mind. Flattering didn’t begin to cover what he felt. Although he’d only had a pool of water to use as a mirror for many years, Kyran knew without a doubt he did not look as majestic as his Caitlin made him appear.

“But that’s how I see you,” she whispered, her breath caressing his cheek where her fingers had just been.

“’N’ that’s all that matters. Th’ rest o’ th’ world kin sod aff fur all Ah care.”

Unable to hold back any longer, sure that this was what his mate wanted just as much as he did, the black dragon laid his lips to hers. Summoning his incredible strength, he forced both himself and his beast to go slow, be gentle, make this the best that he possible could for his banshee. But Caitlin was having none of it. Her hands gripped his shoulders. She pulled him to her with a force and passion unlike any he’d ever felt.

Letting her take the lead, Kyran followed. Opening not only his mind, but also his body and soul to the one the Universe had made for him. She kissed him with such desire and longing that all to soon he could no longer hold back. Sliding his hands under her T-shirt and using his enhanced ability, he rid her of the offending material.

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