Bryce Evans, The Haunted Mate, proves a bad day can turn into a good thing… #ShiftersHallowsEve

Become enchanted, haunted, and hunted this Halloween! #ShiftersHallowsEve #Exclusive from Bryce Evans, The Haunted Mate…

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Bloom Scott stood at her front door in disbelief. She rubbed her forearms trying to stop the chill that crept up her arm. “Can you say it again?”

“You’ve been evicted.” The sheriff’s deputy pointed at the paperwork. “Look, I’m trying to be nice here and let you get your stuff out. Ignoring this won’t make it go away, Ms. Scott. I’m giving you two hours to get moved out or the owner is locking you out.

Sitting down hard in her chair, Bloom still couldn’t believe it. She thought about asking the deputy to say it again, but she’d heard what he said. She had hoped that she would find another job before her time was up, but she couldn’t find anything that made enough money. She was four months behind already, and her landlord had given her a generous amount of time to move out after filing the eviction notice three months before. Unfortunately, her time was now up. She’d kept wishing that this would just go away. Fat chance. She was now homeless and unemployed. How did she go from having a job, to getting laid off, to sitting at her kitchen table hearing that she had only two hours to get as much stuff loaded in her car before they locked her out?

“I’m looking for…I have a letter that needs to be signed for a…” Bloom and the deputy watched as the kid in tight biking shorts looked down at the piece of paper. “I have a certified letter for Bloom Scott.”

The police officer pointed at her. “That’s her.”

“What now?” Bloom muttered.

The kid laughed. “Hey are we on Cops?” The kid looked around her house, looking for a camera.

“Dear God, please help me,” Bloom muttered. When the kid smiled in the mirror like it was a two-way mirror, she had enough. “We’re not on a TV show and no, you’re not on Cops. Give me the damn letter.” The kid smiled and winked at her, then looked back at the mirror. “You’ve got to be kidding me? Can this day get any worse?”

“Is she going to jail?” the kid asked, still holding the certified letter.

“Hey kid, give her the letter and get out of here.” The deputy said, shaking his head, and sat down at the table.

“Sure, officer.” Finally, the kid pulled out his phone. “Sign here.” Technology! Bloom signed her name and the kid handed her the letter. She glanced up and the kid had stopped and was staring at himself in the mirror again. “That’s so cool.”

They watched the kid for a good minute before Bloom glanced over at the officer who had his hand propped up on the table holding his head up. “Thank God there are stupid people out there. It makes my job a hell of a lot easier.” She could only nod because he was right…but at least he had a job. They both sat and watched the kid smile then turn to the side and smile again. Remembering why he was here, Bloom glanced down at the letter. It had a return address of a law firm in Mystery, Tennessee. She didn’t think she knew anyone who lived down south. Then it hit her—her dad’s family was from Tennessee. In fact, her grandmother was from a small town there.

She opened the letter and started reading,


“Dear Ms. Scott,

I’m writing this letter to inform you that your grandmother Rose Scott has passed away, and you were named as the beneficiary to her estate. I’m sorry for your loss. Her Last Will and Testament will be read on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. We look forward to meeting you.


Jacob Weber”


This was it. A chance for something different. She had lived in Chicago all her life, and it had been a great life up until her parents were both killed in an auto accident. Then her life went to hell in a hand basket, and she still found it hard to believe how much had changed in a short amount of time. She’d had to drop out of college to pay for the little house she lived in with her parents. Her mom and dad hadn’t had much, but she thought the house belonged to them. It didn’t, and what she found after their death was a pile of bills. They had hidden so much from her. They took out loans to pay for her college and never even told her. She thought they had a college fund set up for her. Boy, was she wrong. Bloom glanced up at the sheriff’s deputy. “I think my luck just got better.”

Before the deputy could respond, Bloom jumped up and headed to her bedroom to pack. Whatever Rose Scott had, maybe she could sell it so she could have some money for a place to stay. The eight hundred dollars she had in her bank account wasn’t going to last for long. Her rent here in Chicago was one twenty-five hundred dollars, and that was low for living in the city. Bloom looked around her bedroom and decided to take only what her car could carry and abandon the rest.


Bloom laughed when she saw the city limits sign. “Welcome to Mystery, Tennessee, where ghosts and goblins live and roam.” She glanced at her phone again and followed the map directions. Driving for a few miles, she started to see lights and buildings. She figured she was getting to the downtown area, and not a moment too soon. The scent from the radiator hit her nose just before smoke bellowed out from under the hood of her car.

She pulled into the only parking space left. She thought it was just a little smoke, but that was an understatement, as the smoke seemed to grow in size. The car looked like it was on fire. People were standing on the sidewalks pointing. Some even had their hands to their mouths, like the car was in flames. It took her a few seconds to realize that someone was knocking on her window. When she looked up, she just stared at the most stunning hazel eyes she’d ever seen. They sparkled in shades of blue, green, and light brown. She strained to look further. His eyes seemed to be changing colors. He was mouthing something to her but she couldn’t hear him.

“What?” she yelled out. The radiator whined louder, making her put her hands over her ears. She tried again to hear what he was saying, but she couldn’t hear anything. She just sat there like a dummy and stared, until she started to feel heat. She looked down at her feet and found flames coming out from the dash.

“Shit, shit, I’m on fire.” Bloom slapped against her pants. Starting to panic, she tried to get out, but the seatbelt tightened. The flames started growing higher, moving across the dash, and she could see through the windshield that the hood of her car was on fire. She jerked again at the seatbelt but it seemed to tighten with every move. Before she could scream, the door flew open, and the man she had just been admiring yanked her seatbelt so hard that it broke away from the door. Grabbing her by the arm, the man snatched her out of the car.



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