Face to face with his past…and his future? Joker’s Trick or Treat by Audra Hart from #ShiftersHallowsEve

Another sneak peek into #ShiftersHallowsEve from Romance Rebels Publishing! This one from the amazing Audra Hart’s Joker’s Trick or Treat….


I am not sure how long I remain in that blissfully sated state before I raise my head to gaze lovingly at the female who just pleasured me so beautifully. That scent is even stronger in my nostrils now, and it’s rendering me mindless. A pervasive sense of euphoria is taking over my mind and I am in a dream state because of it. Instead of the lovely Susie kneeling before me, who’s now licking her lips and looking up at me for approval and acceptance, it’s Jenniene… my sweet, sweet fuckin’ Jenni looking up at me with the purest love in her eyes. The rest of creation just falls away, leaving nothing but me and this woman in its wake.

Without conscious thought, I reach down to wind my hands forcefully in her long locks to drag her lovely face up to mine for a searing kiss. I use a fang to slash my tongue so that my blood will flavor my mouth, and impart the gift of healing in case my rough treatment caused any damage. My wolf-demon blood doesn’t taste like blood. I’ve been told it’s sweet and tangy. Utterly delicious and undeniably potent. My woman laps eagerly at the inside of my mouth before sucking on my tongue with all the enthusiasm she swallowed my cock with.

My woman? Her taste and scent are off, but I’m too fuckin’ far gone to even process the wrongness of my thoughts. My instincts are driving me forward; my need is causing me to drown in the scent of my Jenniene. All the while, my logical mind is screaming at me, telling me, urging common sense and caution.   Despite the internal warning that I might be bewitched somehow, I revel in the moment. I can actually scent my female, and I cut loose with all of the need that’s raged in my soul over a century as I eagerly devour my woman.


My inner beasts are snarling to claim and hold what belongs to us, and I pull the female closer to my body, sliding my hands down her back to savor her curves, and cup her round ass. An ass that’s much smaller than I recall, but still I clutch and grope her flesh in a desperate need to reclaim what’s mine.

Mindless want takes over, and I deepen the kiss before I pull back just enough to murmur all of the sweet things I have longed to say for so very fuckin’ long against these beloved lips. I am fucking oblivious to everything but the woman I am worshipping with my mouth. “Joli bébé, I’ve missed you so fucking bad.” I nip her lip and she cries out as my fangs break the skin… just a bit. “You are mine, Jenni. Always mine. Only mine.” I savor the hint of her precious blood…

But it’s wrong. So fuckin’ wrong.

I finally pull back as reality slams into me like a runaway locomotive. “Fuck,” I snarl as I release the woman abruptly. Susie’s sweet face contorts… she immediately looks embarrassed, hurt, and uncertain. But mostly angry. Rightly so. I feel like a Grade-A asshole for hurting this little gal like this. Not only was I too fucking rough with a mortal, I can tell the way I acted, the shit I said — fuck, all of it — hurt her feelings. I called this sweet lil gal by another woman’s name… in front of others. I shamed her. And sweet Susie doesn’t deserve that shit from any male. Especially not a worthless fucker like me who is too stupid to let go of his long dead past. To let go of a woman who has been dead and gone for over a century.

Cupping her face tenderly, with what I hope is a gentle expression on my face, because I sure as hell don’t wanna scare her on top of everything else. “I’m so sorry, Susie. I don’t know what got into me.”

Her swollen bottom lip is quivering slightly, and I feel like the biggest dick in the realm for doing that to her. But she simply nods, and looks like she pities me. Hell, in her shoes I might pity the lame ass muther-fucker that I have become too. She stands shakily to her feet, and I rise to help her. But when I touch her she tenses up, and I can tell she wants me to step back away. That feels like a punch to the gut, but it’s no less than I deserve. Truth be told, I deserve a helluva lot worse than her gentle rebuff for using this sweet angel like I just did.

Even though I am wallowing in regret over my actions, now and in the past, I just can’t get that fuckin’ scent out of my nostrils. Both of the beasts inside of me are clamoring to get out. We smell our woman. It’s not just some sense memory or some similar aroma. I smell Jenniene. Right here, right fucking now. In the year of our Lord, 2016, not 1872. But that’s impossible. Nuthin’ in creation could bring that precious woman back from the dead, and fill this clubhouse with her sweet scent. Nuthin’.

But part of me knows better. I recognize that scent and there’s only one female who smelled that way… ever. Slowly, I turn my head and look over my shoulder at the entrance to the Twin Raven’s MC clubhouse. In one miraculous and horrible instant, I am transported back in time. There, in the flesh, is my Jenniene… My. Fuckin’. Jenniene. My mate. And she’s staring daggers at me.

The disdain I feel from the woman who still owns my heart feels like a hot poker stabbing through my heart. But even that sensation is not as painful as the realization of what’s in Jenniene’s arms… a child… no, it’s a fuckin’ infant. And it smells like some kind of shifter. An outraged and very territorial snarl erupts from my wolf and fills the room.

How dare another beast lay hands on my mate?

“What the fuck?” I growl loudly before striding toward the door. But I am instantly brought back to reality when my path is blocked by Blood, the MC’s leader. My friend and mentor.

“Stand down, Blood Wolf. Mistress Jenniene was expected tonight, and she has my protection.” His guttural and gravelly tone is laced heavily with magick so ancient, none in this realm can completely ignore it. And I am sure as fuck not immune to Blood’s power. I barely resist the urge to bare my neck or duck my head in submission. My need to keep my eyes on Jenniene is probably the only thing that keeps me frozen in my defiant attitude.

No one will keep me from mine.

But then another, more confusing thought occurs to me. What the fuck? Why would Blood ever think Jenniene would need protection from me? But more importantly… How is she alive and what does my Jenniene need protection from?


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